Karoo Pesto was founded by Paul Janse van Vuuren on 14 February 2019. “I feel that we are forgetting what real products tastes like because everything has preservatives in”, says Paul Janse van Vuuren. The company was built on strong morals and beliefs and refuses to give in to the daily pressures of mass production and loss of taste just to make more money.

Keeping to the basics of making Basil Pesto, we have quickly made non believers like pesto again. So many people asks us when they first see the product, “what is Pesto?”. Using only the best of each product we have gained some amazing relationships with some of the top companies that provides us with fresh basil, cold pressed olive oil, Parmesan cheese, garlic and in our case, pecan nuts.

Pesto is a sauce that originated in Genoa in the northern region of Italy. It originated around the 16th century and the core ingredients consists of basil, crushed garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and cold pressed olive oil.

The name Pesto originates from the Genovese word pestâ, which means to pound or to crush. This refers to the way in which the authentic sauce is prepared, with a mortar and pestle. However, the translation may be a bit misleading because the preparation does not consist of pounding, rather it is of grounding. Unfortunately we just do not have the manpower to crush or ground the pesto in the traditional way but by adding the products on certain periods together in the shredding period we still try to ensure that authenticated taste and feel of Basil Pesto. Everything is about the aroma of the basil and the various products that is added together.

Pesto has so many uses but the most common uses are the following:

  • Type of sauce for Pasta whereby the most traditional sauce’s name contains “pesto Genovese”.
  • Chip dips
  • Platters
  • Fish dishes
  • Poultry dishes
  • Steak
  • Salad Dressing

Currently we are mainly operating in the Northern Cape but we have now expanded to Freestate, Mpumalanga, certain areas in Gauteng, Western Cape and West Coast.

We are a proud Afrikaans Christian Company and even though we have elected to built this website with English wording we still prefer dealing in Afrikaans and in our traditions that we have been brought up. We believe that our word is our bond and we believe that in going the extra mile for the customer and trusting people we will be able to built not only this brand of ours but also ensure that people right across South Africa will enjoy the amazing taste of Basil Pesto.

Karoo Pesto is proud to have our product listed at Econofoods. This means that the product can be distributed in so much more areas and it will stay refrigerated the whole way to the client. People easily forget that using 100% pure products without preservatives comes at a cost, but why are we working so hard, just to be satisfied with mediocre products?

We believe that we do not just sell our products but we also believe in the manner to support our clients and to give them also the added benefit of adding their details of their companies on our website. We have grown at a steady rate and will continue doing so.

Paul Janse van Vuuren – Founder and Managing Director

1st Seven Units of Karoo Pesto’s Original Basil Pesto

Original Basil Pesto 125gr Glass Jar and 1 Kg Plastic Tub

Basil Pesto Chili Flavoured 125gr Glass Jar and 1 KG Plastic Tub